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Copy of Level UP Logo Options confirmed.
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  • Are you sometimes not true to yourself at work or home?

  • Do you feel unsupported in your personal or work life?

  • How comfortable are you challenging the status quo?

  • Are difficult conversations (or new ideas) being avoided?



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  • What are your top five leadership qualities?

  • Do you feel your influence is making enough of a difference?

  • What is holding back your career or job satisfaction?

  • What is the team culture that you are known for supporting?​



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  • Are there work or personal relationships that cause you anxiety?

  • Are you surrounded by people who have your back?

  • In which situations do you feel the most misunderstood?

  • Which relationship would you like to improve the most?



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  • When was the last time you felt rested, strong and acutely alert?

  • Do you worry about your health, nutrition or well-being?

  • What if you became the healthiest you’ve ever been?

  • If you could change one thing about your health what would it be?

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Are you an employer interested in Leveling UP your employeeS? 

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Why not choose to develop exceptional talent from the inside out?

Imagine how your company will benefit as your workforce’s most eager minds begin coming in with practical ideas today, rather than tomorrow, next week or after the next reporting period. Let me be your strategic partner to further develop high potential people. I’m here to enhance people’s leadership success, increase retention and establish your company as a great place for professionals to enhance their careers.

I strive to inspire employees to take on more responsibility while adopting a positive, active leadership role. As employees make their marks and Level UP, both they and the employer benefit. All of our work forges a path to make your leadership more impactful and more inclusive.


Let the transformation begin.

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