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Strategy Operations at Twitter

"I highly recommend Karey as a coach as he's not only thoughtful and sincere in leading you to helpful solutions, but he's genuine in his attempt to focus on marinating in understanding you before he delivers recommendations. From professional to personal life coaching, Karey will help steer you in a direction of effective and more productive habits that will eventually tweak your mindset and produce results that are indeed favorable. Thank you Karey!"

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Advisory Portfolio Manager at Watershed Partners

“Karey offered to work with me over a period of time when I was going through a career transition and he was very supportive in helping me figure out what the next steps were. He was patient and never directive, yet he held me accountable to milestones when I was struggling to stay motivated. Karey has a wealth of knowledge to share and he’s got a knack for asking the right questions. It was incredibly helpful to have him as a resource during a time when nothing felt certain.”

Elise By Olsen is Editor-in-Chief of Wal


Editor-in-Chief of Wallet

"Karey was valuable guide and business mentor while I was Editor-in-Chief of Recens Paper, a publication dedicated to critical dialogue within the fashion industry: the business, the money, the politics. Karey’s assistance to myself and our creative director where of great benefit over the year we worked together."

David Johnson PhD, CEO at Imperial Heliu


CEO at Imperial Helium

“Karey is a unique coach. He’s willing to go beyond the pattern recognition and pop-psychology; get into the meat of a matter, and help the light shine. In my experience, he prefers the role of a running-mate to side-line coach; he brings resources, insight, openness and himself. He was a great companion and sounding-board on a portion of my journey, and I have no doubt he’ll be the same on yours.”

Rebecca Harrisson, Communications Adviso


Communications Advisor at Extent AS

"In the six months I worked with him, Karey helped me identify the areas I wanted to change and then develop a plan to help me implement that change. Three years on, I continue to use these new habits. They have helped me become more focused and productive in work and life. I highly recommend his coaching."

Monte Martens, Financial Advisor at Sun


Financial Advisor at Sun Life Financial

"I recommend Karey for professionals wanting a mentor. Though he is a coach, I’ve had the pleasure of Karey looking very closely at my personal and professional life. This was not easy, but it worked! He coached me to practice what I sought after with my spouse and with my business. Doesn’t get any better than that! It has been about 6 months since our last coaching session and I have the wind at my back. Thanks again, Monte Martens."

Jacqueline Babey, HR Advisor at Enbridge


HR Advisor at Enbridge

"Thank you for the helpful coaching session, Karey. It was a positive experience and I’d be happy to recommend your services to others."

Richard Spiteri, Head of QI at Shell Sar


Head of QI at Shell Sarawak

"Karey asked insightful, pointed questions that probed to the heart of the matter and he was an excellent sounding board which enabled me to clarify my thoughts, remove doubts, and act decisively going forward. I appreciated this, and I know my VP and team did too.

Without my regular consultations with him, I would have been more alone and doubtful of my actions and leadership style. While connecting with Karey only once a month via conference call (we were 7 time zones apart), I gained insights into my leadership style, what worked and what was not working, and different work habits.

Coaching with him, I became more insightful, confident, bold and collaborative. Even though I was in my early 50’s at the time, it was career changing while leading a highly technical team of 15 Geophysical Specialists."

Jark Krysinski, Remax Agent at Team YVR.


Remax Agent at Team YVR

"I've worked with Karey since 2018 both as a business man who needs to check-in with an incredible coach from time to time but also as a member of the same professional group in Vancouver called Harbourside Business Club. He's a spot-on and keen observer and a very effective communicator who cuts through the fat and gets right to the issue at hand. I have personally and I would argue that our whole group has benefited extensively from his presence, attentiveness, eye for detail. As a coach he has the skillful talent to nudge you to your finest point and help you get to and live your best and highest personal and professional self. I would not hesitate for a moment to refer business to Karey and hope this review is illustrative of how much impact he has to me as a coach, a friend, and a colleague."

Julian Humphreys PhD  Course Designer an


Course Designer and Instructor, Executive Leadership Coach

"Karey is a focused, dedicated coach, capable of extraordinary insight and perspective. Rarely do coaches have the right balance of heart and mind, compassion and intelligence, soul and wisdom. Karey does, which makes him a powerful resource for you and your team."



Safety Risk Management Consultant at DNV GL

"During the 6 months I had coaching sessions with Karey related to personal & leadership development. In my experience, he is an attentive and caring person with a real desire to help. He sure has for me!

With Karey’s mentoring, I have developed new skills to see things and have created several positive outcomes in my life. I have come to appreciate that Karey has a broad range of experiences that have surely assisted me. And hopefully he will do the same for you. It is my pleasure to endorse and recommend Karey VanBuren."

Johann Gevers, Founder and CEO at Moneta


Founder and CEO at Monetas

"Karey is absolutely passionate about his work, and this carries through to how he works with and inspires his clients to achieve at a higher level in all areas of their lives."

Graph on Computer


Sr. Manager Material Procurement at TC Energy

"I found Karey's coaching, through Inside Out Perspective, to be a truly rewarding experience. The effort we invested in my leadership development set me on a path to achieving significant personal growth. Karey provided a useful balance of theory and application, and had an intuitive sense of when to introduce additional concepts. The sense of a master plan within which each concept had definite place and purpose greatly appealed to me. Of particular benefit was our time spent reviewing particular past or current events, and evaluating alternative tactics for future use. This blend of concepts, practice, and reflective analysis significantly strengthened my leadership capabilities. In short, it provided me with a toolbox of skills, and the awareness and knowledge to skilfully select and apply those tools to create effective results. I have greatly benefited from Karey’s coaching and recommend it for other leaders who have the desire to personally grow and have the openness to accept the assistance of such a skilled coach."

Judith Schnarr Owner, Pacific Eye Doctor


Owner, Pacific Eye Doctors Maple Ridge

"The level up in 4 sessions approach really helps me to perform at my best. I've found Karey's coaching to be tremendously helpful over the past year. He helped bring out the best ideas to solve problems at my 30 person office. First by shedding light on my big challenges. Then his support to make changes. He helped me to get on with things and in less time than I expected."

Geoff Jenkins, Colt Engineering.jpg



"I have had the pleasure of working with Karey at Colt Engineering. He is honest, hardworking and a good decision maker who cares about people."

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Managing Partner at BMG, Ltd.

"A very focused and creative professional, it was my pleasure to work with Karey at Linotype. Extremely dedicated, he demonstrated a great work ethic coupled with a positive, never-down attitude. It was the combination of these traits and skills that put him on the fast-track to multiple promotions. A great guy as well, Karey was respected by everyone including our colleagues in Germany. Karey's professional maturity has followed a predictable course given my experience with him."

Morteza Vaseghi, Designer & Art Director


Designer & Art Director at MV

"Coming from a creative background, I have often struggled to find concrete understandings of how a business can work in healthy and sustainable ways. Thanks to Karey, I found joy and creativity within a field that I always thought was impossible for me. The outcomes include great results and a big smile on my face. I definitely recommend you consider Karey for coaching in your company."

Ane Storhaug, Co-Founder and CEO at NABO


Co-Founder and CEO at NABO OSLO

"Karey’s guidance as a coach has helped me to ask much better and open/authentic questions. During our six months working together, I found my brain kept on going on how to be true to myself in the making choices for future paths, choices for education at Nabo. I highly recommend Karey as a business coach and thinking partner."

Pam Bryan, Relationship Management Profe


Relationship Management Professional & Problem Solver at SCERDO

"Karey is a great visionary who instinctively understands the nature of managing high-performance teams. He provides the guidance and support when needed and knows when to back off and others fly on their own. His high personal ethical and moral standards provide a rock of steadiness."



Award-Winning Author ☆ Motivational Speaker at Career Clarity

“Every coach needs a coach and Karey’s support as my coach has been invaluable. He helped me clarify my vision, solidify my foundation recognize limiting beliefs and leave them behind. As a result of my work with Karey my relationships have improved greatly and I have become stronger than I thought I could be. Thank you Karey for seeing my true potential!”

Douglas Burch, Organization Effectivenes


Organization Effectiveness Consultant

"Karey brings the highest degree of expertise and professionalism to the challenging tasks of helping senior managers and executives work more effectively with each other and their senior direct reports. The respect and technical skills he brings to bear on the challenges of helping managers be more effective are truly world class."

Jordan Cutler.jpg


Software Engineer at Gusto (Modern Bank)

"Being new to the workforce, I wanted to do everything I could to learn about how to progress and grow in my career as fast as possible. Karey was instrumental in making this happen. Since I started being coached by Karey, my work relationships have been able to significantly improve, and I have been able to navigate situations I would have never thought possible until I have been in the workforce for many years. Thank you for everything you've done, Karey!"

James Hickman.jpg


Sr. Software Engineer (iOS) at Rakuten Rewards

"Karey has been an absolute pleasure to work with! Can't recommend him enough.


My company offered some paid-for career coaching sessions, so I decided to take advantage of them. One of my main fears was that it would heavily revolve around just my current job/company and would just be a way to help improve my performance there.


But I was proved wrong by how much of a personal relationship Karey was able to create between us. He focused on a wide breadth of areas in my life from personal goals, past issues, career goals, and even health and fitness. Karey did a great job of following up on things we discussed in past sessions and ensuring I would stay consistent in meeting the goals we would set. He would always check in on non-work-related items as well, adding a nice personal touch, and it always felt sincere and never like small talk or conversation filler.


I can't recommend Karey enough as a coach, mentor and leader. I look forward to continuing my work with him for the foreseeable future."

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