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7 Coaching Certifications

Connections Leadership

Book Author

17 years Coaching In U.S.A, Canada & Europe

35 years business experience



Hi, I’m Karey.  If you want to build further awareness, unfold creativity or develop your potential then I’m interested in speaking with you. I coach businesspeople of all ages and career stages from new professionals to experienced CEOs.


I'd be happy to work with you to gain confidence in your decision making and in your ability to take bolder steps. This includes assisting you to figure out what’s truly important to become more strategic and personally fulfilled so you can do your best work and live your best life.


You are invited to learn more. Together we’ll find out if this is the right approach.

Karey VanBuren

By expanding your self-awareness, I will assist you to create opportunities and achieve better results. Common outcomes are significant personal growth, better health, greater executive presence and strengthened relationships.

Working with me

Since early 2003 I've been coaching business people in career advancement in a wide variety of industries throughout North America and Europe. I delivered over 10,000 hours, published a book and earned 7 certifications. Besides 17 years of coaching I have 35 years of business experience and a very rich life to look back on.

Clients view me as a trusted partner and a change agent with exceptional ability in the areas of Individual and Team Performance.

Client Stories

“I found Karey’s coaching to be a truly rewarding experience. The effort we invested in my leadership development set me on a path to achieving significant personal growth." 

— Bryce Nolan, Sr. Manager, TC Energy

I work with people to increase confidence in their decision making and in their ability to take bold steps. Clients report that our sessions bring them higher clarity, optimism and relaxation which helps them perform at their best."

- Karey VanBuren